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Why use WordPress for my business website?

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People ask us all the time, “What do you use as a CMS (Content Management System)?” That’s a great question. It’s a great question for at least two reasons. One, it’s important to find out how easy it’s going to be to edit your site once it’s built. And two, because it’s important to know whether or not you own what was built for you. I’ll explain these both in detail in a minute. But for now, the answer to the question: What do we use as a CMS?

We use …


WordPress for your business website in Greenville, SC



Almost exclusively. “Wait. You use WordPress? Isn’t that for blogs? Why would I want to use that for my website?” Great question. I’m glad you asked. Here’s why we chose it, and why we’re committed to providing it for our clients.

  1. WordPress is big. Really big. While WordPress started out as blogging software in 2003, it has evolved over the years to be capable of and useful for so much more. WordPress is an open-source, community driven software product that is used by more than 70,000,000 websites. A few of the websites that WordPress powers include the NFL, Honda, BBC America, The New York Times, CNN, Mashable, NASA, National Geographic, and Harvard Law School. Using WordPress for your business website is only going to help you.
  2. WordPress is free. And so is everything that is built on top of it. Many agencies will develop in a proprietary CMS (meaning they own what they built for you) so they not only can charge you a monthly fee to continue using your website, but also so that it’s very difficult (or impossible) for you to hire outside developers to ever take your website with you. We don’t do that. We believe in your business–whether it be local to Greenville, SC or an international powerhouse. We think you ought to own what you pay for. We think we ought to earn your business. If you don’t like what we’ve done for you (which is unlikely at best), we want you to be able to find someone out there who, at a reasonable rate, could help you take the next step in your business. Yes, we realize that affording you the opportunity to leave and find someone else to work on what we built for you could hurt our bottom line. But we’re in it for the long run—we know that our company’s success is based on making yours successful. Also, we believe you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who can do as good a job as we do at setting your company apart from the pack.
  3. WordPress is flexible. WordPress itself is pretty robust. Out of the box it can handle much of what you’d want to do in a simple website. But where it becomes a real powerhouse is in its plugin library. Since it is community driven, there are thousands of developers writing add-ons for WordPress that make it even more powerful than it already is. In fact, there are more than 26,000 plugins in the free library alone. That doesn’t even start to count the plugins that offer paid support–of which there are thousands more. Each of these plugins offers additional functionality that can often plug right into your website without the need to code anything. There are even plugins to help you rank well in search results for things like “building a business website in Greenville, SC”. Who knew?
  4. WordPress is easy. With over 24,000,000 websites built on WordPress actively being used and updated, we know that you’ll be able to figure it out. We’ve even built our own custom interface that co-exists with WordPress’ built-in editor that makes it even easier for you (if you request it). There are thousands of tutorials out there (and even a few plugins right inside WordPress) that will teach you how to use the interface. And if that’s not enough, we provide custom walk-through videos for every one of our clients that teach them how to edit their site specifically.
  5. WordPress is extensible. Maybe cookie-cutter is not for you. Maybe you have some kind of functionality in mind that you’ve never seen on any website before. Maybe you have an ERP system that you need to integrate with your online store. Well, you guessed it: WordPress can handle it. We’ve built all of the above for many different clients and pride ourselves on building exactly what our clients need to take their business to the next level.

So, keep asking the question, “What do you use as a CMS?” and know that WordPress is among the best.