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The Kopis Story: A Showcase Study

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The Kopis Story: A Showcase Study

The core brand identity of Kopis is derived from the name of an ancient sword used by Alexander the Great to cut through the Gordian Knot, the great unsolvable challenge of his time. Like Alexander, Kopis creates elegantly simple and unorthodox solutions to complex challenges faced by leading technological innovators.

Logos are the starting point for building a new brand; it needs to convey as much about the attitude, style, and capabilities of the company in question, quickly and elegantly. So when we began the process of developing the Kopis logo, we wanted to create a visual that told their story.

The main logo itself is the perfect expression of the idea at the heart of the company’s new idea. The “K” of the name was designed to look like the threads of an ancient knot style that originated in the time of Alexander the Great.


The primary blue colors nodded directly to the clean look of modern technology firms, but with a suite of secondary colors which burnished the mark with gentle support. It combined the best of both worlds: the sharp, edgy look of an innovator and the comforting, established feel of a company with complete confidence in their abilities.


The slight forward lean on the text on the logo speaks to the forward-thinking and progressive solutions Kopis provides. The goal is to keep the client ahead of the curve.

We thought it was important to keep the word “Proactive” in the logo, as a tie back to the old name. There needed to be some recognition, but it also needed to speak to what they really do.


The logo and branding colors also follow the scheme set by the Windows metro UI in Windows 8. While it’s a subtle thing, it hints to the fact that Kopis is a Microsoft partner, and has experience with that technology.

The logo was built in a way where it can expand into sub-brands easily. For example: KopisCares. The main K is still prominent, but able to expand because of the clean layout of the logo.