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Casting Call

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ISO spokesperson for commercial series

***** DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 12/16/16 ******
You’ve seen Goldilocks in the Purple ads, and maybe Elizabeth Banks promoting Realtor.com, and you probably remember the old Mac vs. PC ad. But none of these have anything on the spokeswoman we are looking for. (Notice we didn’t say the Trivago guy. Yeah, he’s creepy, but bless his heart, he’s trying).

We need someone to take our message to the people—but not in a boring dad-telling-jokes-at-family-dinner type way. Like in a refreshing, funny and endearing way. So, more like that kid in your 4th grade class who had his comedic timing down to a perfect science. Wonder whatever happened to that kid?

Anyway, we digress….

About the Company
Our client is a very reputable, established financial organization that wants to help people break out of the tired banking mold. We’ve got a stellar reputation as a regional organization for 80 years, and we really jive as the “anti-establishment” banking brand. We’re planning a series of commercials and online videos, but there’s one hitch: we need a spokeswoman to be able to carry our banner of non-traditional ideas proudly. And yeah, we’re only looking for a spokeswoman, so…sorry guys. Our market data was not in your favor this year. (Enter Hunger Games whistle here.)

Casting Call
Because the person we need is going to be such a direct extension of our brand, we’re narrowing the field of candidates with an initial casting call that will consist of two parts—a video audition and then, with a call-back, a formal, in-person audition. (But no worries, there will be no egg-squashing going on here (confused? You probably should’ve clicked on that “purple” link above…shame on you. ☺ )

Role Specifics
• Female
• Open ethnicity
• Age – late 20s to early 40s (Wait, don’t be upset…no birth certificates necessary! We’re way more focused on your age on screen than on paper!)
• Demonstrates quick wit, sarcasm, and humor in character. And can also help create the character.
• Can stay on script AND improvise when warranted!

• Brand Ambassador/Spokeswoman (probably no public “live” performances, no worries…all recorded spots)
Casting Call Call-to-Action
• Send the following to audition@createlaunchlead.com:
– 30 seconds: Look to your right. See that thing right beside you? Yeah, that thing. Pick it up. Now sell it to us. And make sure you tell us how that pillow/shoe/cat/remote control/book/sweater from Aunt Suzy outshines the rest of its competition. Make us believe it.
– 60 seconds to 3 minutes (you decide): Sell yourself as why you’re the best person for this gig. Keep in mind we’ll be relying on you to make a character, so bonus points for creativity and stick-to-it-ive-ness (we really didn’t know how to hyphenate that.)
– Your resume and, if applicable, your acting portfolio. Make sure you provide us with some personal and fun details about you.
– NOTES: We’re not looking for the next Steven Spielberg here, so don’t worry about production quality. We want to see you, and if it’s on a cell phone video, we’ll be happy to accept it.
– If you get a Callback, you’ll be asked to come to a secure location in Greenville, South Carolina for a formal audition. There will be a secret knock. Or not. Maybe there will be coffee. There are really too many variables here for us to commit at the moment.

Other Perks & Details
Pay: Yes, We get it, you don’t do a lot of volunteer work! NO worries. This is a paying gig. Which shouldn’t be overshadowed by all the delicious breakfast coffee and sandwiches while you are working on-site.

Time Commitment: You will always get advance notice for shoots. Expect 7 to 10 shoots (max) annually, driving into Greenville, S.C. for shoots. Don’t worry about that drive—we’ll make it well worth your time as a typical shoot will be 1/2 day-to-full day and will include 15-sec, 30-sec spots, and an occasional 2-minute video.

Attire: This ain’t Showgirls (sorry, Elizabeth Berkley). We promise you’ll stay respectably dressed at all times. And we hate sequins, anyway.

The last date for applying for these roles (videos due) is December 16, 2016.
Questions? Fire away! audition@createlaunchlead.com