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Industry Insights | December 15, 2014

Website Design: The Importance of Design

Maintaining a viable online website isn’t just a great marketing tool that business owners should consider; it’s a necessity. With nearly 75 percent of consumers logging onto the Internet for an average of 66 hours a month, this is too large of a market to ignore. Both large and small businesses must have an online… Read more »

Industry Insights | December 2, 2014

How to choose a Digital Marketing Company

Deciding who is going to be running point on your next marketing campaign can spell the difference between the success and failure of the venture. Indeed, the successful branding and marketing of your firm is instrumental to the entire future of your company, so choosing an internet marketing company to help guide you through the… Read more »

Recent News | November 29, 2014

Wolfpack Wholesale Website Launch

As a leader in the wholesale e-liquid arena, Wolfpack Wholesale came to us for a website overhaul that would make them look like the international leader they are. Click here to view the result.

Industry Insights | November 26, 2014

How an Interactive Marketing Agency Can Bridge the Digital Gap

Getting the message out there is relatively easy, considering the sheer volume of available media platforms, but getting noticed amid the clutter is what truly sets a full marketing campaign apart from a crowded field of media messages, images, white noise, and more. Further, deciding upon which outlets to rely on to telegraph your marketing… Read more »

Industry Insights | November 4, 2014

For Search Engines, Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

Optimizing Web Images – And Why It’s Important What exactly is image optimization? And why should I optimize my images? Image optimization is the process of optimizing your images for better search engine results, guaranteeing an increase in web traffic to your website or blog. SEO for images is equally as important as SEO for… Read more »

Industry Insights | October 20, 2014

Why Content Marketing?

It costs less, pays more than traditional Lead Gen The popularity of Content Marketing has grown rapidly with small to mid-size brands over the past year or two. Clearly it is an integral component to any sound, strategic marketing plan moving forward—for both B2C and B2B businesses. There’s a fundamental reason why Content Marketing is… Read more »

Industry Insights | October 12, 2014

Have sales leveled off? Create an Inbound Marketing Plan!

Quit chasing leads—make them come to you. It’s hard being a small business today. It takes commitment and continual effort to keep existing customers happy and, at the same time, to chase new prospects. The latter (chasing prospects) can be a mental, emotional, and financial drain on companies fighting for survival in today’s shifting, ultra-competitive… Read more »

Industry Insights | September 14, 2014

Content Marketing…why all the commotion?

Over the past year (actually, well before that the observant will note), Content Marketing has shot to the Top of the Marketing Trends chart. In our interactive, socially obsessive world that paradoxically connects and alienates us—driven by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, Habbo, google +, google this, google that—Content has indeed been duly… Read more »

Industry Insights | August 26, 2014

Your Brand Is At A Crossroads (whether you realize it or not)

Your Brand Is At A Crossroads. If that sounds dramatic, good. Because it’s very likely that’s where your brand is right now. No matter what your business—whether you’re a new company or an industry leader; whether you’re B2B or B2C—chances are you are at a pivotal turning point. What you do at this crossroads, the… Read more »