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The Internet of Everything: Entering the Connected Universe

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The Internet of Everything (IOE) is defined by Cisco as “bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable.” Experts predict that IOE will change life as we know it, giving us amazing amounts of information about what’s going on in the physical world around us, both near and far.
But what does that mean in practical terms? As shown in the above image from Cisco’s video on the Internet of Everything, it’s all about connecting things that have never been connected before.

Imagine that all of our home appliances, plus many of the things we wear on our bodies, are connected to the Internet via embedded wi-fi chips.

And now imagine that you know at all times what’s going on in your home – no matter where you are – because all those connected items of yours are feeding information to the cloud, and your smart phone is monitoring it.

Here are some examples of scenarios that the new “connected” technology may bring about.

The Near Future: Scene One

On your way home from work, your phone reminds you to stop and pick up some mozzarella cheese for that new spaghetti recipe your smart refrigerator helped you find last night. It also lets you know that your son has arrived home (there’s a chip in his backpack) and is watching the latest Disney movie on TV.

The Near Future: Scene Two

Your phone alerts you that your blood sugar is dropping (via a wireless nano-sensor in your arm) and you need to eat something. It also lets you know when you need to take a break from a stressful conversation you’re having, because your cortisol levels are too high.
How Business Will Benefit

The coming Internet of Everything brings great opportunity to businesses.
• The market for connected devices, along with the peripheral services and related products, is gigantic, as shown in the prediction from Cisco above.
• The Internet of Everything will allow businesses to become more agile – keeping track of people, places, and things with ease.
• Customer service can actually become a positive experience for consumers, as illustrated in the scenario below.

The Near Future: Scene Three

Your company is making more money than ever, because of advances brought on by the Internet of Everything. Your customers are happy because if they need help with your product or service, they can talk to an expert via video. But most of the time, they don’t need help, because your company’s product is a smart device. With an Internet connection to troubleshooting protocols, it solves its own problems most of the time.

How Digital Marketing and SEO Can Adapt

Just as mobile marketing has been added to the digital marketing world, a new dimension is coming: residential marketing. This will include all the home-based smart devices as well as all the new wearable devices. Many of these connected devices will include Internet search functions. And wherever you have Internet search, you’ll have Google, and all the marketing opportunities that follow.

As a business, the best way to prepare for “residential search engine marketing” is to make sure your mobile marketing is strong. If you already have a successful mobile marketing strategy, then it won’t be that great of a leap to add residential marketing.