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The Importance of Brand Consistency in Marketing

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Did you know that businesses with a consistent message have 20% more value than those that don’t?
There is a good reason why they are successful where others fail. They have brand recognition that consumers associate with reliability and dominance among their competitors. Their message is consistent across all channels. They hired someone who understood the importance of brand consistency in marketing.
Create a strong brand, logo, and backstory.
These three things are essential for your business’ success. The company brand and logo must relate so that consumers will automatically associate the two. Your backstory tells your consumers what you are all about, and it makes them want to do business with you. The company you hire understands the importance of creating a consistent brand that relates to consumers the value of your business in their lives.
For example, if you are a “green” company that makes products out of sustainable wood, you would have a logo that says GREEN to consumers, and brings to mind the story you share about who you are and what you have to offer them. And then you need to send that message across as many channels as possible, in a consistent manner, so that whenever they see your logo, they think of your business.
Consistency doesn’t mean that you have to be unchanging over the various platforms available to you. Rather, it means that you need to be flexible in how you tell the same story to your target audience through the different ways they find you.
Social media and your message.
Social media is one of the channels businesses use. Your consumers are also looking for you there. Your job is to ensure that you provide a consistent message about your brand on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.
Here is another fun fact for you: more than 60% of adult Americans use the Internet to find business contact information, instead of old-fashioned phonebooks. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have a strong Internet presence with your own website, and you need to have an excellent social media presence. Provide links back to your website on your social media, and tell consumers on your website they can share their experience with friends on social media, too. Free advertising is wonderful!
You need a pro to show you how it’s done right.
The importance of creating a strong, brand consistency message means that you need to have one company handle all the channels for you. Your brand message must be consistent across the board, but amended to suit each channel or platform.
An app will require visual recognition via the logo to prompt consumers to download and use it. A website requires a proper logo, story, and product or service description to attract interest. Your contact information across the various channels must be consistent. Profile pictures in social media must enable readers to associate the picture with your logo and business.Hiring one company to handle all aspects of creating your strong brand recognition is essential. They will do the research to find the right keywords online users are using to find you. They will also make sure that your logo and brand become synonymous with the product they are looking for.
Instead of hiring one company to build your website, and then another to create and handle social media and other channels, hire one company to do it all, so that you have a strong and consistent branding message.