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In the Beginning:

They had an idea.

When Water of Life president Roland Bergeron came to us, he had a vision: Create a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose was bringing water and God’s love to those who needed it. There was no logo. There was no branding. Just a dream, and a very important goal.

We helped make it a reality.

We created the identity that Water Of Life needed to pursue its mission. But marketing materials were just the start; we also helped create online fundraising events, as well as individual pages for people who wanted to create personal fundraisers. From there, the mission spread, even catching the attention of churches and people dedicated to water missions worldwide. Water Of Life grew from there.

Now it's a global presence.

Water Of Life has helped drill hundreds of wells in impoverished areas across the entire world, including India, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. What was once just an idea is now a global reality — and one doing important, life-altering work everywhere.

Fundraising Initiatives

Showcase partnered with Water of Life to initiate personal fundraising programs so individuals could start their own campaign to raise money for the cause.

Global Reach

Water of Life expanded to multiple villages throughout Africa and Asia, touching the lives of thousands of men, women and children.