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Their question:

We created a line of great products. Can you turn us into a global brand and market leader?

Suicide Bunny came to us with a lot of momentum already behind it. Owner Tiffany “Pip” Gresham had a full line of e-liquids, a devoted following, a great personal story, and a passion for helping people quit smoking that started with her husband. She just needed someone to tell it the right way.

Our answer:

You got it.

So we dug in. E-liquids are a rapidly expanding business. There’s lots out there for customers to choose from. But not all of it is quality. Our challenge was to set Suicide Bunny apart from the rest, in a way that was distinctive, unique, and memorable. More importantly, we wanted to create a strong foundation for Pip to grow, scale capacity, and build new revenue opportunities over time.

Beyond belief.

An industry-leading brand launch, a merchandising strategy, product rebranding & repositioning, community cultivating, forging new partnerships and completely integrated marketing communication initiatives. Suicide Bunny’s website, www.thesuicidebunny.net, launched in September 2014.

The Latest Case Studies
Strong Online Presence

Suicide Bunny’s website launched in September 2014, yielding outstanding results for page viewership, time on site, and bounce rates.

Trade Show Design and Management

For Suicide Bunny’s tradeshow appearances, we chose the furniture, the lighting, the backdrop design. And then we took it a step further. We provided planning and management for shows across the country.

Brand Loyalty

The Suicide Bunny merchandise line was created to extend the consumer loyalty beyond just a product, but to the Suicide Bunny brand.