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Their challenge:

They wanted a brand to match their vision.

Selah Genomics was a unique opportunity, in nearly every way. An entrepreneurial startup, they bring a specialized kind of DNA testing closer to the clinical oncologists and pathologists that needed it most. You see, they want to cure cancer. So we were eager to help.

We were the marketing partner to match their goals.

Selah didn’t need just A+ level branding material. They needed a marketing partner that could move quickly, on short notice, on multiple projects in multiple lanes, at the same time. The challenge was unique because our client was a pioneer in a very new field. And when you’re in uncharted territory, flexibility and adaptability are crucial.

Selah is closer than ever to their goal.

We created several initiatives designed to increase awareness in an ever-evolving market space, and we created and stewarded Selah’s brand up to, during, and through acquisition by a larger property. They are now poised to make a major impact in healthcare around the world. We couldn’t be prouder of that kind of impact.