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Their challenge:

They needed a look to match their product

Rinehart Racing came to us as a nationally-recognized brand that needed to speak to two audiences: Harley-Davidson dealers and direct consumers. They had continued national & international growth and advancements of new products and new product types. But they lacked a unified look that could capture the high quality of what they offered.


The Solution:

We created a brand to match their vision

We created a yearly catalog, for both consumers and dealers. And that didn’t just include art direction & pagination. We coordinated a multi-day photoshoot and scheduling of models, photographers, wardrobe, locations, and in-studio shots of bikes & product. We also created tactical items, from product instruction sheets and slipsheets on new products to tradeshow backdrop designs. And we created a fully-custom website featuring a store that works in tandem with their in-house inventory system.

They look like the leader they are

Not only is Rinehart still an industry leader in aftermarket exhaust, with strong international growth in Europe and Australia, but they now have a unique and powerful industry presence. We’re proud to have helped shape them into an international leader.


The Latest Case Studies
The look

The latest catalog for Rinehart Racing features the full line of aftermarket exhaust and exclusive Rinehart Racing merchandise.

Trade Show

2015 graphic panel displays for Rinehart Racing’s trade show booth