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Their challenge:

Greenville knew Rick Erwin. But he wanted to be more than a name.

Rick Erwin had decades of experience in the restaurant industry. And he didn’t need help building a reputation. He had a vision for his company, the West End Group, and he wanted to invest in a destination for the best steakhouse experience anywhere. He had a vision to scale his brand, and to build a comprehensive brand voice and experience that went beyond a single location, and a single owner. Rick wanted to grow his business to the point that he wouldn’t have to shake hands with everyone any more… just make them feel like they had. And that’s why he hired us.

We set to work doing just that.

We rebuilt Rick Erwin’s brand from the ground up. We recreated his brand, including his logo and key tagline, which became umbrella brand elements that covered additional concepts like seafood and deli. We made their awards in the wine and food space part of their story, and we helped them identify, apply for, and win even more. We developed social campaigns, with daily posts and ghostwriting for the brand, helping grow their followers from a couple hundred well into the thousands. Our reputation management expertise helped us manage online conflict resolution. We handled the full spectrum of their messaging, and created and managed SEO over 18 months to help drive traffic to their site. And everything we did still carried the idea of quality, service, and relationships, all sealed by Rick’s strong handshake.

Now Rick Erwin has the brand to match his vision.

Within the first year, Rick Erwin’s had expanded outwards, with their first new restaurant, Nantucket Grill. Right on the heels of that, they opened a New York style deli market a quarter of a mile away. And as a result of our introducing them to new merger and acquisition opportunities, they’ve opened additional restaurants in other areas. Over the course of three years, we helped them navigate branding, ad campaigns, and media overhaul and management. We helped with signage and in-store menus. We even helped them moved from paper menus to digital menus on iPads. But most importantly, we helped tell their story.