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They were doing well, but they didn’t look like it.

When Michael’s Janitorial came to us, they said they wanted just a website and a logo. But as we talked, their real goal emerged: they wanted to turn their regional company into a national brand that was synonymous with the highest possible standards of quality. They were doing very well in their market space; they were cleaning about one million square feet of residential and commercial space every year. CEO Michael Ratcliff had been the operations director of a hospital for many years, and demanded a level of cleanliness and quality that quickly set his business apart from the rest. Michael and his team were confident about their people skills, but less so about their brand. All they knew was that the website had to be red and black.

That’s where we came in.

Once we started developing the brand for Michael’s Janitorial, it quickly became clear that Michael’s seal of approval was everything. Michael demanded the best from everyone — and us most of all. Our intensive development process resulted in not just a logo and a website, but also an incredible story that wove Michael Ratcliff’s experiences into the brand, and into the logo itself. After weeks of development, we landed on the perfect image: a logo in the shape and style of a seal, which could then be left behind on stickers, by Michael’s crews, to signify a job well done. And the website? Instead of red and black, we went with blue. And Michael loved it.

The results spoke for themselves.

Michael’s Janitorial is one of our favorite success stories: a local company that became a national presence. It’s a great example of how a brand can live, and thrive, without needing a tagline to support it. And we still see its success manifesting in unexpected and delightful ways. Every year, Michael’s Janitorial hosts the Greenville Meals On Wheels’ charity golf tournament. And every year, their T-shirts carry Michael’s logo — his seal of approval.

The Seal of Approval

The Michael Janitorial brand had to display the same commitment to excellence as their owner demanded from their team. So we incorporated a seal, the sign of approval, the mark of excellence.

A Brand of Excellence

Michael Janitorial’s commitment to excellence was displayed all throughout their branding collateral, including their mobile friendly website, eye-catching print ads, and informative brochures.