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Their problem:

International recognition wasn't enough.

Meals On Wheels was an internationally-recognized nonprofit, but in the Greenville, South Carolina area, they still needed help making their message heard. They knew they could find more donors—and, more importantly, more clients that needed their services.

We understood their challenge.

Nonprofits inspire us, because we understand what makes them different. We’ve worked with them, spoken to them, and heard their vision in a way that helps us portray them the way they need to be portrayed. We helped MOW find a way to customize and market an internationally-recognized brand to their area, by targeting new clients and referrals as well as volunteers, corporate partners, and personal donors.

We didn’t just help with branding. We helped deliver.

MOW wanted to raise $100,000. So we came up with the “Ten Million Pennies” campaign—and hit the goal in record time. That’s 20,000 meals we helped put into the hands of those that needed them most. Those are the results that matter most to us.

10 million pennies campaign

Collect ten million pennies to benefit Meals On Wheels. Sounds crazy, huh? With the help of marketing and planning, Meals On Wheels hit its fundraising goal in record time.

Sweetheart Ball

When an event participant walks in, every touchpoint is specially crafted with Meals On Wheels’ mission in mind, helping make it both elegant and impactful.