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Their challenge:

Their brand didn't match who they were.

When they came to us, ProActive Technology was at a critical juncture in the history of their company. They had a highly knowledgeable team, an incredibly agile development process, and a proven track record of innovative work. They’d worked with big-name companies, and solved a lot of big problems. But they had a look and feel that didn’t match who they were. They needed to reset everything, so that the world knew just how good they were. They were willing to go for an idea that would transform everything.

Our solution:

Create a new identity.

We looked hard at the kind of business that ProActive was, and the kind of business it wanted to be. The core concept at the heart of ProActive was simplicity: they worked with any number of big-name global innovators, and found simple ways to solve these companies’ most difficult challenges. And in our research, we found the idea that matched who they were. It was the kopis: the sword used by Alexander the Great to cut through the Gordian Knot, the great unsolvable challenge of his time. Like Alexander, ProActive specialized in unorthodox solutions to complex challenges. Thus, ProActive’s new identity was born.

A great company became an unforgettable brand.

The new Kopis identity gave ProActive an incredible shot of life and energy. Out went the old, sterile, stale look and feel, and in came a sleek, crisp new identity that immediately established them as a national competitor in their field. Our branding for Kopis included a new logo and brand style, and a completely new website with a carefully crafted brand voice. But that wasn’t the end of it; in fact, it was just the beginning. Kopis’ new identity was spread far and wide through a number of different channels: social media postings, in-depth blog entries, print ads & eblasts, long-term strategy, and more.

The Latest Case Studies
Rollout video

Kopis needed to make sure their new identity made sense, not only to their clients, but to their staff as well. They needed something that conveyed the powerful story at the core of their new brand. So we collaborated with them on a video project which visualized the concept at the heart of their company.

Launch event

Kopis’ new name, look and feel caught the eye of the local media, and the event was well-covered by a number of regional TV stations, newspapers, and business publications.


Kopis knew it needed a web presence to establish itself as a leader in the technology industry. The completely redesigned website reinforces the brand voice and identity and positions Kopis as one of the most innovative tech companies in the Southeast.

Content Generation

Kopis knew it needed to create content that wasn’t just filler; it needed to provide its readers with insight that both helped the readers understand and address complex challenges, and to also showcase Kopis as a thought leader in its field. We collaborated with Kopis in several in-depth sessions to create blog content that conveyed Kopis’ incredible industry knowledge, and willingness to think outside of the box.

Lobby Design

When people visited the Kopis office, they needed to know they were coming into someplace special. So we collaborated with them to create a striking lobby design that made an instant impact.