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The opportunity:

They had a CEO who wanted to play different.

Greg Miller, owner of GreenPro, saw his industry in an unusual way. Painters typically aren’t part of national peer-group roundtables. Most business comes through word of mouth, and most don’t have business mentors. In fact, most of them spend all their time doing the work, instead of planning and marketing the story of the work. Greg had a vision, but he also experience in operations, sales, and marketing. He understood that he needed an unforgettable brand, not just to increase annual revenues and grow, but to build something he could bring to other markets.

The solution:

We turned GreenPro into an unforgettable brand.

We set to work building it, and within 45 days of its launch, Greg saw immediate new target-market opportunities that he attributed solely to his new look and feel. New Green Pro clients came to Greg in waves, saying more than once that “we checked you out online, we saw your brand, and we eliminated the other bids right away.” His prospective clients understood that he may not have been the cheapest option out there. But they also understood, as Greg does, that when it comes to quality service, you get what you pay for. And they trusted him to deliver.

Our investment paid off as well.

Ironically, after Green Pro launched, we suddenly began getting calls from other non-competing painters in other markets, wanting the same kind of quality treatment. But they were different from Greg, because they wanted a unforgettable brand for a fraction of the investment. We don’t work with a lot of people like Greg, because frankly, there aren’t a lot like him out there. There aren’t many who are willing to make sacrifices in pursuit of their goal to make an unforgettable impact. But for those that are, we’re ready to help you build a very different business, by helping you invest in your future.

Print Design

Green Pro Painting is all about the quality and the look of the finished product. They are in the business of making homes and business look good! We wanted to be sure their print collateral looked just as good as the work they do, so we designed door hangars, road signs, t-shirts and brochures that would make their customers say “wow.”

Web Design

A mobile-friendly responsive web design was a must for Green Pro Painting. The website allows viewers to easily navigate through Green Pro’s services, get year-round painting tips and see a gallery of the work Green Pro has done.