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Their challenge:

Grow awareness.

CUICAR came to us with an impressive pedigree of advanced automotive innovation, but a lack of global awareness of their capabilities. They had an established brand, but they needed someone to tell their story; to let the world know that a group of innovators and thought leaders in a midsize Southern city could compete — and lead — in a global marketplace.

Our response:
Hey world, check out

We set to work reshaping CUICAR’s global presence. We created a unique website that blew the cobwebs off their image. We designed an interactive annual report for partners & investors that took an entirely new approach to presenting data. And we designed a site for Deep Orange, CUICAR’s vehicle prototype program, to show off one of the most exciting research and development opportunities anywhere.

The world listened.

CUICAR isn’t just equal to its counterparts & peers now; it’s gone above and beyond. CUICAR is now one of the most exciting players in automotive engineering, thanks to a brand presence that puts them on the forefront of their industry. It pays to think forward.