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Their challenge:

Growth and direction.

Crossroad Christian Church in Dover, Delaware had an exploding ministry, but they were having trouble navigating how to spread their message to the world across multiple generations and cultures. They needed someone to help convey their mission — someone who truly understood it, and how to turn it into action with impact.

Our answer:
Guidance and perspective

When Crossroad came to us, all they wanted was a website. But we saw an opportunity for much more than that. So we taught their leadership about marketing, research, and growth strategy. We became the partner they never knew they needed; we gave them ongoing guidance and perspective that helped them shape their future, including building an internal marketing department.

Incredible growth.

Our work for CCC has grown by leaps and bounds — and so has their success. We’ve helped them build a media department, incorporate streaming services for an online audience, grow a significant social media following, and embrace technology to reach the previously unreachable. All to increase the impact on families in their community and around the world.


Crossroad Christian Church has a diverse range of Ministries – for each we have been able to create a unique look and identity