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Their challenge:

They were world-class. The region just didn’t know.

Around 2001, Bergeron Builders was the designer and builder of custom homes in the Greenville, SC area. They had high standards for the work they did, which meant they weren’t cheap. But they didn’t need everyone to know them; they simply wanted their story be more well-known among a small, targeted segment of homebuyers, a group able – and willing – to invest in uncompromised excellence. Ronald Bergeron, CEO of Bergeron Builders at the time, came to a Greenville Home Builders Association event, and saw our branding work in action. “I don’t have a marketing budget,” he told us, “but I like what you do. So let’s talk.”

We asked an essential question.

“If we’re successful with your marketing,” we asked Roland, “who benefits?” To Roland, it meant a significant increase in homes built. But it also meant that Roland’s 16 partner vendors would also see significant increases in business. So we set to work. We created a lunch event for his vendors, and designed a presentation of a 3-year marketing and growth plan. We included website plans, brochures, direct mail, and other tactics that would not only showcase the Bergeron brand, but also the family of suppliers, and their brands and stories. Even if prospects didn’t choose Bergeron for their project, they were still exposed to a memorable collection of brands to connect with for their services in the future.

Explosive growth.

Out of Roland’s 16 suppliers, 15 participated in funding the co-op marketing initiative, creating a multiple-six-figure budget. We created and executed the marketing campaign, rolling out a full battery of both digital and traditional print material. Bergeron’s success was immediate and noticeable. We made promises for performance over the next 3 years to his suppliers, and after 3 years we met, reviewed, had exceeded expectations and earn the right to have them participate again for another 3 years. Over the seven years, we accomplished many similar projects, enabling Roland to transition management of the company to his son, Jason, and freeing him up to pursue his greatest passion: a charity organization called Water of Life.