We are Showcase

We come in all shapes and sizes.

We’re entrepreneurs, metalheads, campaigners, preachers and reformed bankers. We’re readers, writers, artists, musicians, and thinkers. We’re analysts, number-crunchers, statisticians, and tech geeks. We’re multilingual, multicultural, and multitalented. We’re introverts, extroverts, and pretty much everything in between. Meet each member of our incredible team below.

Catherine Roberts

Art Director


Catherine graduated from Clemson in 2008, and has employed her wicked design skills to a wide array of clients for Showcase. She’s fluent in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator–and Japanese. (She’s a true Renaissance woman.) When she’s not studying Japanese culture and language, she’s running, baking, and/or crocheting.

Daniel Lovelace

Senior Brand Advisor


Daniel is a native of Chester, SC. He attended North Greenville University. After college, Daniel spent 15 years helping retail sports companies and non-profit organizations develop marketing plans, and to grow and fulfill their dreams. Daniel serves as Senior Brand Advisor doing what he does best: helping Showcase’s dynamic, diverse client base move the needle. Daniel is happily married, with two children.

Bethany Weir

Client Services Director


Bethany is a native of Pumpkintown, SC, and is a Clemson University graduate. She worked at The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards for five years, and also tutored children with learning disabilities at a local school. Bethany came to Showcase as an intern, and we liked her so much we kept her. When not working, reading or hiking, she spends her time riding her horse Cassey, and chasing bears in her backyard.

Geoff Wasserman



Geoff founded Showcase Marketing in 1998, drawing from a 25-year career in marketing and leadership-building. A native of Montreal, Canada, Geoff has a passion for helping others grow and succeed. Geoff's career includes seven years of Sports Marketing with the Montreal Expos and Atlanta Braves, as well as seven years as a Managing Director in the financial services industry with two Fortune 500 companies.

Andra Martin

Accounting Assistant


Andra is a native Californian who comes to Showcase with a wealth of experience in a variety of spaces, including everything from restaurant management to art curating. A free spirit at heart, she has owned and operated businesses in Greenville, SC, Colorado and Cali.
With her diverse background Andra contributes not only to the financial management of the company, but also provides a variety of insights to the team to sharpen the solutions we provide our clients. In her free time she likes to keep busy cooking Italian food, trying her hand and left foot at Zumba, going camping with her husband in her Airstream, and being crazy about cats!

Jonathan Cover

Director of Operations


Jonathan is a native Texan (minus the accent) who loves learning and new experiences. He's passionate about developing organizational systems that free creative people to do their best work. At the office you'll probably find him asking questions and thinking out loud in front of his whiteboard or maybe tapping away at some spreadsheet. Jonathan loves to bring data to bear on issues so that business leaders can make decisions confidently and analyze results for continuous improvement.

Jonathan is active at his local church in the greater Greenville SC area. In the spring and fall you can find him at local parks practicing his kiteboarding skills for a summer beach getaway.

Jon Wadsworth

Back-End Developer


Jon got his feet wet in web development at Northland International University, helping create and launch an online division of their school. Jon then worked with BitSculptor, a CA development firm dedicated to helping local businesses thrive in the era of web technologies. He moved back to his hometown, Greenville, SC, to be the lead back-end developer for Showcase starting in 2013.

Jen Wetzel

Brand Developer


Jen is a Chicago native, and comes to Showcase from Bob Jones University, where she was a freelancer & graphic designer for BJU’s Marketing Communication. In her spare time, Jennifer likes music, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and running; she ran her first marathon in Chicago and, she says, “it won’t be the last.”

Chris Heuvel

Creative Director


Chris grew up in Pennsylvania, in a family of creative artists. He is a graduate of Liberty University with a degree in Graphic Design. As a college junior, Chris was part of the Showcase Marketing apprenticeship program, and upon graduation, he became a full-time brand developer, and later Creative Director. An avid basketball fan and exercise freak, he also LOVES donuts.

Kate Boylan

Project Coordinator


Kelly Phillips

Brand Developer


Kelly hails from Aiken, SC, and is an Anderson University graduate. Prior to coming to Showcase, Kelly was an art director and graphic designer at ZWO. Kelly taught herself photography in college, and also enjoys hand-lettering. Kelly claims to fluctuate between an INFJ / ENFJ personality type, which means she’s often seen arguing with herself.

Johnathan Burgess

Lead Front End Developer


Johnathan began his career with internships at Pixel Point Graphics and the Anderson Independent Mail, while pursuing a degree in Graphic Communications at Clemson University. After graduation, he worked for Locke Design, as well as Torque Creative. Johnathan’s areas of responsibility encompass graphic design, interactive design, front-end development, and illustration.

Jordana Megonigal

Media Consultant


Emily White



How we work

Here are four things to know about us.


We can’t wait to get to know you.
And your customers.

Unique businesses have unique needs, and our specialty is adapting to your–whatever they might be.

How we work

Here are four things to know about us.


We’re obsessed with your success.

And we’ll explore every single avenue that might be useful to you. If there’s a way to make your brand stand out, we’re the ones to find it. If you don’t want attention for what you do, then you’re talking to the wrong people.

How we work

Here are four things to know about us.


We don’t do cookie-cutter.

If you just want a logo, well, we can refer you to someone. If you just want a basic website, we know lots of freelancers; that’s not us. We’re not a vending machine for brochures and e-blasts. We’re partners, trusted advisors, and passionate advocates. If we’re in it with you, we’re all in.

How we work

Here are four things to know about us.


We promise we won’t always agree.

We want to help you grow, but we need permission to challenge you, and even permission to possibly offend status quo. We won’t hesitate to ask tough questions, because we can handle tough answers. We’ll help you pursue your passion and potential — and challenge you to think bigger.

What sets us apart?

We reach beyond surface-level thinking of B2B, or B2C. We believe it’s all about P2P: people to people. We got where we are by doing what we’ve done from day one: By caring deeply about helping people fulfill their potential. We listen. We talk with you. Plan with you. Dream with you. Work with you to tell, share, and scale your story. We figure out how to let people know that what you offer, and who you are, is something special.